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Safflower, jojoba, spearmint, peppermint, mandarin and 5 other essential oils, chosen for their ability to boost energy and nourish skin.
1 blend with 3 intensely nourishing purposes. A gorgeously light oil that’s packed with Vitamins A and E to repair, protect and restore the skin and hair. Each oil works to care for both your mind and body while visibly improving the health of your skin, hair and scalp.
Dewy mountain air, breathtaking views of nature and a clear, focused mind. A spearmint fresh scent with lemon, mandarin peel and orange for extra sparkle.
For the smoothest skin, apply directly to the face or body and massage in daily. On hair, apply a tablespoonful once or twice weekly and massage from scalp to tip. Leave in overnight for a more intense repair treatment. This oil can also be used as a hydrating after-sun treatment.
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