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For more than 25 years Bric's LIFE collection has ensured comfort and style for travellers the world over. The suede look made in Italy synthetic material is the characteristic feature of the collection and is used in making every model. Soft to the touch, yet extremely resistant, durable and easy to clean, it has become the company's trademark, thanks to its ability to combine functionality and style. Every model is then finished in vegetable tanned Tuscan leather, an ancient tanning technique that allows for a very natural leather to be obtained via the most environmentally friendly process. Depending on how it is used, the leather will take on an aged look with time, making every bag a unique item. A collection that is just waiting to be discovered, which will meet all the needs of people that are always on the go, both around the city or on holiday.
The Bellagio line is the perfect example of Bric's philosophy: " elegant, functional travel bags , equipped with all the amenities needed to ensure the maximum comfort demanded by the modern traveller". The elegance of the vegetable tanned Tuscan leather inserts is paired with the high-tech shell made from Makrolon® polycarbonate, the innovative plastic material from Bayer that guarantees maximum resistance to shocks and scratches and extreme lightness at the same time. The result is sophisticated with a retro twist and conceals a design with a wealth of functional details. The zips feature a rubber coating, which makes the closure perfectly water repellent. The four Hinomoto wheels , made to high Japanese quality standards, guarantee east 360° rotation and the utmost silence. Bric's also had the upkeep of the suitcase in mind, designing every component so that it can easily be replaced. Everything was created to ensure maximum performance and classic style. A Bellagio suitcase will be your perfect travel companion.
Bric's X-bag collection is synonymous with functionality and trendiness for everyday life. The shapes of the bags are designed to be versatile and multi-functional depending on your travelling requirements. Thanks to the three in one function of the X-Bags, one bag can be used as a shopping tote, as well as a shoulder bag. And if space is the main requirement, you can fold the bag and place it in a small pouch. The exterior is made in durable satin nylon featuring real leather details, which add a touch elegance to a casual style. Leave encumbrances behind and have your essentials with you at all times.
Bric's X-travel collection provides everything you need for travelling: lots of space, roller wheels, extremely durable satin nylon fabric and soft to the touch interiors, all the while maintaining a surprisingly light weight. The design is completed by the elegant touch that the real leather details provide. A functional and on trend product that includes an assortment of cross-functions. Whether you are running around the city or off on a trip around the world, the X-travel bags are always ready for a new destination.
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